Tandoori Specialities

Grilled Tandoori Sea Bass
Grilled Tandoori Trout
Chicken or Lamb Tikka
Panir Shaslic
Tandoori Chicken (Half)
Tandoori Chicken (Whole)
Wild Duck Tikka
Chicken or Lamb Shaslic
Tandoori Lamb Chops
Salmon Shaslic
King Prawn Shaslic
Fort Special Mixed Grill
Tandoori Tiger King Prawn Sizzler

Salad and mint sauce served with all of the above dishes

New Specialities

Mogul Nawaz

Medium to hot. Delicately cooked mouth watering dish marinated in seasonal herbs and spices with garlic and fresh chillies, simmered with mushrooms, green peppers, potato and cherry tomatoes.

Lamb or Chicken
Duck or King Prawn
Panir Tikka Karahi (Chicken or Lamb)
Beef Rajesthani
Chippa Gosth
Kashmiri Duck Rogan
Garlic Mirchi Bhuna (Chicken or Lamb)
Garlic Mirchi Bhuna (Duck, Beef or King Prawn)
Naga Garam Massala (Chicken or Lamb)
Naga Garam Massala (Duck, Beef or King Prawn)
Methi Gosth (Chicken or Lamb)
Chicken or Lamb Belfoi (Chicken or Lamb)
Jeera (Chicken or Lamb)
Jeera (Duck, Beef or King Prawn)
Beef Hyderabad
Goan Duck Curry
Muglai Chicken

Mild Specialities

Mango Magic (Chicken or Lamb)
Butter Chicken or Lamb
King Prawn Delight (mild & fruity)
Chef’s Special (Mild fruity)
Passanda (Chicken or Lamb)
Passanda (Duck)
Tikka Massala (Lamb or Chicken)
Wild Duck Massala or Passanda
Tandoori King Prawn Massala
Bombay Makhani (Chicken)
Bombay Makhani (Duck)
Modu King Prawn Massala

Fort Specialities

Karahi Special

Cooked with chunks of onion and capsicum. Served on an iron pan. To enjoy recommended strictly medium or hot for its real flavour

Lamb or Chicken
Duck or King Prawns
Lamb or Chicken Jalfrezee

Tawa Gosth

Cooked with fresh garlic, ginger and green pepper in a light medium sauce. Can be flamed with spirit (Brandy, Whisky or Rum) for an extra £2.00

Lamb or Chicken
Duck or Beef
Red Pumpkin (Chicken or Lamb)
Chicken Chutney
Lamb Lazeez with cheese
Chicken Rezalla

Chilli Tikka

Barbecued with a hint of fresh chillies, onions, herbs, spices and toss of tandoori massala cooked with pure ghee. Simply mouth watering. Fairly hot

Lamb or Chicken
King Prawn or Duck

Seafood Specialities

Malabar Prawn Curry
Fish of the Day
Sonali Boal
Bengal Tiger Prawns
Salmon Suka
Chingri Sagwala


Mixed Thali (Non Vegetarian)
Vegetable Thali